Friday, January 28, 2011


Get ready!
Community cooking begins Monday. This is experiment involves all of us following the same meal plan (dinner only at this point) for a week while working off the same grocery lists and recipes. After each meal post your comments as to how you modified the recipe, what you thought of the meal and share funny stories about your cooking or dining experience.

What now?
Now is the time to clean out your cupboards and fridge. Eat your veggies before they go bad, look for random boxes and cans in your pantry and try to eat what you have around the house. It will feel great to start with a clean slate in terms of space in your pantry and fridge for the new foods.

Now is also the time to think of meals you would like to contribute to the site. The next two weeks are planned but we really need your input and ideas. Don’t forget: if you have a fun snack idea or a delish dessert send it along with any notes or stories that come to mind when you think of it.

Looking forward to cooking with you!

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