Sunday, January 30, 2011

This Week's Meals

MEAL #1 Chicken On A Can
YUM YUM! This smells Fantastic when it comes off the grill! Want food in the freezer for the future? Grill 2 whole chickens and when they are done cooking separate the meat from the bones and freeze the meat of the 2nd chicken. That chicken can be pulled out of the freezer to be used in pasta, salads or other meals!

2 Tbsp. paprika
1 Tbsp. cayenne pepper
1 Tbsp. ground pepper
2 cloves crushed garlic
3 Tbsp. dehydrated onion flakes
2 Tbsp. dried oregano
Salt (to taste)

Mix it all together.

Can of beer
whole chicken
2 tbsp. oil
1 small potato

Set grill on high for indirect grilling – very important to use indirect heat, otherwise the chicken may catch fire - happened to me one time. A simple way to accomplish indirect heat on a barbeque with 3 heating elements is to keep the outside elements on and turn off the middle element ad place the chicken over the middle element.

Remove any giblets and rinse the chicken. Pat it dry with a towel and rub all over with cooking oil. Cover chicken with rub mixture and 2 Tbsp. coarse sea salt. Place a beer can on the counter and place the bird on top (spreading legs and inserting can into open cavity). Put potato in the top hole of the chicken to seal. Transfer directly onto the grill and cook over indirect heat for 1-1-1/4 hrs (or until meat thermometer reads 165 F in breast or 180 F in thighs). The chicken should look like it is standing up on the grill.

MEAL #2 Chicken Squares
This is not necessarily ‘clean’ eating but it IS easy, interesting and fast. Chicken squares have two extra benefits: (1) kids like them and (2) they are easy to take as leftovers to work.

3 oz light cream cheese
3 Tbsp. melted butter
2 cups cooked chicken (shredded)
¼ tsp salt
1 Tbsp. chopped green onion
2 Tbsp. milk
1 Tbsp. chopped pimento (OPTIONAL)
1/8 tsp. pepper
1 can Pillsbury Crescent rolls
2 Tbsp. paprika
1 Tbsp. cayenne pepper

Preheat oven to 350. Blend cream cheese with 2 Tbsp. butter, add next 6 ingredients and mix well. Separate and spread rolls on ungreased cookie sheet. Spoon roughly ½ cup meat mix on each roll. Fold to close. Melt butter and mix with croutons. Put the butter/crouton mixture on each Square. These can be frozen for later. Cook 20-25 minutes.

MEAL #3 Family Favorite Meatloaf
On a night out with a few great friends I mentioned they should try this recipe. I explained that I am not a fan of meatloaf but this recipe from my Auntie Dixie tastes like candy. They didn’t like the idea of meatloaf that tastes like candy (I can’t blame them) but give it a try and I’m sure it will be a favorite in your family as well.

1 lb lean ground beef
chopped medium onion
½ cup milk
1 beaten egg
8 (or more) crushed crackers
salt and pepper to taste

Combine the above and place in a large loaf pan. ‘Dent’ the top with 2 grooves.

¼ cup ketchup
¼ cup water
1 tsp. dry mustard
½ cup brown sugar.

ALERT: Double the sauce recipe for use over top of mashed potatoes or leftover meatloaf and you will not regret it!

Pour sauce (if doubled, pour almost ¾ of it) over meat. Bake at 350 for an hour.

MEAL #4 Pesto Pork Chops
I have a large family and cook this in a huge batch. The kids and hubby love it

Salt and pepper
garlic clove
lemon zest and juice
olive oil

Mix these items together. No need to measure, just make sure there isn’t too much of one item. Rub this mix over both sides of each chop and let it sit. If you get a chance to make this in the morning you won’t need to think about dinner all day.

Cook in a hot frying pan (or a large electric griddle if cooking in bulk) and cook on medium heat 4 minutes on each side.

Serve with pesto either on the side or on top.
EAT Community Experiment Grocery List
Week 1

MEAL 1 = Chicken on A Can, Roasted Veggies
MEAL 2 = Chicken Squares, Roasted Veggies
MEAL 3 = Family Favorite Meatloaf , Mashed Potatoes and corn
MEAL 4 = Pesto Pork Chops – Sea-Salt Green Beans

Go ahead and get your groceries! The recipes will be posted tonight or first thing in the morning

vegetable oil
can of beer
I can Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
brown sugar
Pesto Sauce
olive oil

cayenne pepper
ground pepper
crushed garlic
dried onion flakes
dried oregano
dry mustard

whole chicken
1 lb ground beef
pork chops

3 oz cream cheese

1 small potato
green onion
yellow onion

Side Dishes
green Beans

Bonus Lunch Ingredients

Friday, January 28, 2011


Get ready!
Community cooking begins Monday. This is experiment involves all of us following the same meal plan (dinner only at this point) for a week while working off the same grocery lists and recipes. After each meal post your comments as to how you modified the recipe, what you thought of the meal and share funny stories about your cooking or dining experience.

What now?
Now is the time to clean out your cupboards and fridge. Eat your veggies before they go bad, look for random boxes and cans in your pantry and try to eat what you have around the house. It will feel great to start with a clean slate in terms of space in your pantry and fridge for the new foods.

Now is also the time to think of meals you would like to contribute to the site. The next two weeks are planned but we really need your input and ideas. Don’t forget: if you have a fun snack idea or a delish dessert send it along with any notes or stories that come to mind when you think of it.

Looking forward to cooking with you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dinner Time!

YUM is a community designed to: Work TOGETHER to create INTENTIONAL meal plans, incorporate “CLEAN” foods into our diets and SIMPLIFY the process of bringing FOOD to our tables.


Monthly Emergency Meal : A quick, tasty meal idea for the night you panic and don't know what to eat. These meals will be simple to prepare and use few ingredients

Meal Plans / Grocery List : Each week there will be a meal plan for four dinners. These dinners will range from mild to moderate in work required. The recipes will be supplied by members of the EAT community (in other words any of you who want to send one in) and then blended into meal plans for each week. Please know that meal plans may be set weeks in advance so keep watching for your recipe to be added

Around Your City : Here we will have a monthly resturaunt listed for those nights you just don't want to cook. The site is administered in Calgary so there will always be a listing for our area but we look forward to adding more cities.

Your Comments : If you follow the week's meal plan or simply try a recipe we would love to hear from you with either ideas on how you 'tweaked' the recipe to give it your own personal flare or how you or your family rated the meal and even stories related to dinner that night.

Extra Bites : This will feature yummy desserts, party foods and any other types of food and drink that people would like to share

Stay tuned for an email address where you can contact me directly with your food and restuarunt reccomendations.