Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dinner Time!

YUM is a community designed to: Work TOGETHER to create INTENTIONAL meal plans, incorporate “CLEAN” foods into our diets and SIMPLIFY the process of bringing FOOD to our tables.


Monthly Emergency Meal : A quick, tasty meal idea for the night you panic and don't know what to eat. These meals will be simple to prepare and use few ingredients

Meal Plans / Grocery List : Each week there will be a meal plan for four dinners. These dinners will range from mild to moderate in work required. The recipes will be supplied by members of the EAT community (in other words any of you who want to send one in) and then blended into meal plans for each week. Please know that meal plans may be set weeks in advance so keep watching for your recipe to be added

Around Your City : Here we will have a monthly resturaunt listed for those nights you just don't want to cook. The site is administered in Calgary so there will always be a listing for our area but we look forward to adding more cities.

Your Comments : If you follow the week's meal plan or simply try a recipe we would love to hear from you with either ideas on how you 'tweaked' the recipe to give it your own personal flare or how you or your family rated the meal and even stories related to dinner that night.

Extra Bites : This will feature yummy desserts, party foods and any other types of food and drink that people would like to share

Stay tuned for an email address where you can contact me directly with your food and restuarunt reccomendations.

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